How Many Times Have You Asked “How Can I Become Rich”

“How Can I Become Rich” Is The Ultimate Question

From David Ford

Hi, my soon to be rich friend

Isn’t it amazing how many different sources of information and training there are for (weight loss/making money/relationships)?

When really, it is all actually very, very simple:

Weight Loss = Eat less, eat clean,and exercise.
Make Money = Find a hungry market, and sell them what they want.
Relationships = Clear and honest communication (both giving and receiving)


Have I just exposed the simple truth to a $3 multi-billion dollar industries in one sentence each?

Yet so many people struggle with getting the results they want.


It’s simple really, because most of that stuff just teaches you what you need to do, but doesn’t teach you the only thing that really matters.

Who you need to become!

The Most Important Thing That Drives Your Success Is Who You Need To Become.

That’s what creates rapid and life long change.

My friend Mike Kemski has mastered this process by answering the question “How Can I Become Rich” by going from a lost, suicidal drug addict who jumped from failed relationship to failed relationship, being grossly overweight, and from total poverty to:

Being married to his wife and best friend for over 13 years…
Sober for 21 years and counting…
Losing over 50 pounds of unhealthy body fat in 90 days…
Getting in peak physical condition…
And helping generate millions of dollars for businesses…

And you know the most amazing part?

Every success in his life has found him, he never went seeking it or chasing it.

And he does it all using a very simple system, that easily helps you become who you need to become, in order for all that other stuff to yield results in your life.

He’s used this system (very successfully) for 21 years now and  he keeps refining it, and making it more simple PLUS he’s helped 1000’s of people across the planet use it successfully too.

It really comes down to this…

You can keep the cycle of failure going on in your life or you can break it, forever, and stop having to keep asking  yourself “How Can I Become Rich?

After looking into this I’m both impressed and shocked at how simple and powerful this system is.

You should really go take a look at it:

To your powerful success,

P.S. I heard he gives away a lot of free stuff on his Blog and he’s really easy to listen to because he’s just a regular dude who doesn’t try to impress people with a flashy lifestyle (even though he’s pretty damn successful).

P.P.S. He’s the kind of guy you’d hang out with every day, but he’s like a little “Yoda” and is packed full of real life wisdom. He’s just a cool guy so go check out his stuff, I’m sure it will add a lot of value to your life.